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Spike TV: Go, Man.

Spike TV had a business problem. They were having difficulty selling media space. Their target audience didn't exactly the have deep pockets that marketers were looking to dive into. They needed to begin the work of rebranding themselves pronto. We started by giving them a new way to look at the content they were creating through a new tagline. We also gave them new content and activation ideas that would broaden their target audience and elevate the Spike TV brand.

Here's the brand video we created to bring the new Spike TV's direction and brand voice to life:


We created the short collection of videos below to help visualize the new tagline for Spike TV's:


Carnivore was a new series created for Spike TV as a solid example of content styles that would enhance the brand's perception:


Here are a few of the OOH posters and billboards illustrating Spike's new position: