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New York

(804) 539 8019

Other Stuff I Do

Below are several artistic and expressionistic projects that I am currently working to finish. I'm always on the look out for great folks to partner & collaborate with outside the office environment. If you see anything here that you'd like to know more about or possibly get involved with or if you've got a project of your own that needs another collaborator, click on the Get in Touch tab and shoot me a note. 


This project began as a Halloween Party Theme and has (much more importantly) turned into a poster campaign for the hell of it. The second poster in the series shows us Wile Coyote's reaction to finally nabbing the Road Runner with the grille of Cruella Deville's murderous looking convertible. The third will be Elmer Fudd enjoying his older age as well as his Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck trophies. Bambi's revenge is also on the docket for completion. If you're interested in a print, or have another Twisted Innocents idea, feel free to hit me up.


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